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Together with you to emphasize your beauty

"Together with you to emphasize your beauty".

Understanding the needs and wishes of patients along with the need for harmony has always guided me in my work.

This is the reason why after obtaining my degree in Medicine and Surgery and the Specialization in Odontostomatology I started to focus on Omotossicological Medicine and Esthetic Medicine.

This is how the " Center of Esthetic Medicine and Integrated Odontology" was born. It is an environment which I share with my patients and allows me to support and guide them through their search of personal external but also internal wellness that nowadays has become more and more important and necessary.

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The new reabsorb able suture for non surgical lifting

The new Suture are an absolute painless innovation that permit to solve in brief periods and contained costs cutaneous relaxation of the face and other body areas.

These new suture are soft, biocompatible and completely reabsorbable since either the suture and the small bidirectional cones assure tissue anchorage. They are realized with a mixture of natural substances i.e. polylactic acid and glycolic acid.

The technique is painless and minimally invasive since it doesn't include any incision or tissue raising. Once local anesthetic is injected in the needle injection points, the filament is positioned in the subcutaneous tissue.

Filaments can be positioned either at the level of the cheeks and of the zygomatic area so to obtain the correction of cutaneous subsidence and to redefine the face ovalis. Executing a light traction is sufficient for tissues to rise up in a completely natural way and with a slight lifting effect without the risk of face swelling and with respect of the facial motility and mimic.

Procedures are personalized and in relation to the clinical situation we can insert one or more filaments per side in one only session.

The treatment takes approximately 45 minutes and results can endure up to 2 years. In addition, the action of polylactic acid stimulates the formation of new collagen contributing to skin tone and consolidation.

Silhouette Soft e Aptos obtained the CE and FDA approval.